The compliance process is supported by an advanced IT system – People Planner – developed in 2005. There is a rigorous system of controls and safeguards for compliance. This ensures that all staff that are available for placement are fully compliant, and that all renewable registrations are fully up-to-date.

The Newlands Healthcare Client Portal provides real-time access to critical information and functionality. The functionality ranges from viewing staff compliance forms, booking requests to update address and contact details, viewing rotas / invoices, Collaborating in outcomes, and lots more.

It reduces admin time and costs by provide real-time access to critical information including invoices,rotas, address, contact details.

Clients can also view approved placement feedback from the candidate either captured via the Employee Portal, or the Employee Mobile Application. The portal also enables better communication and collaboration of care delivery, including the management of outcomes.

Locum Doctors

It goes without saying that compliance is an imperative process which benefits both the Locum and the Trust. Compliance enables the doctor to stay on top of all the necessary requirements/qualifications in order to legally practise medicine in the United Kingdom, whilst the Trust is ensured to have fully framework compliant doctors in line with the standards stipulated by UK governing bodies, including the Department of Health, NHS employers and Government Procurement Service. Newlands Healthcare ensures every candidate that we place into medical jobs throughout the NHS meet these standards in order to provide the highest quality locum medical staff to our clients.

We understand that the process of compliance may be time consuming, so in order to help locum doctors achieve framework compliant standards efficiently, we have included some useful training tools/links under our ‘Candidate’ tab. Newlands Healthcare also has a dedicated, experienced Compliance team to guide locum doctors through the compliance process and can be contacted on 01892 529 372.

We are committed to continually assisting our candidates to maintain and develop their portfolios.This ensures they are in best possible position to take advantage of the vacancies we have available. 

In order to work with Newlands Healthcare as a locum doctor, we will require the following documents:

Up-to-Date Curriculum Vitae with Two References within the past 12 months

 Clear Copy of Passport

 Visa (If applicable)

 GMC Documentation (original certificate and most recent renewal)

 Basic or Advanced Life Support Training Certificate

 Paediatric Life Support Certificate (if applicable)

 Mandatory training Questionnaire (Health and Safety)

Primary Medical Qualification Certificate

 UK Serology Reports:

       1. Hep B

       2. Evidence of immunity to Measles, Rubella & Varicella

       3. BCG Scar sighting or evidence of immunity to TB

       4. IVS reports


 Two Proofs of Address

 Newlands Healthcare Application Form

 Occupational Health Questionnaire

 Signed Interview Record

Nursing Staff

The compliance team at Newlands Healthcare like to refer to the information below as the ‘6 Pillars of Compliance’ for Nursing.

1. Criminal Record checks

Nursing staff are required to have a new Criminal record check at least once a year.

2. Verification of identity checks

Newlands Healthcare are required to obtain verification of identity checks of all staff registered with them.

All documentation provided to prove a candidates identity is photocopied, certified, and retained on

file in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

3. Right to work checks

Right to work checks, are carried out to assess the eligibility of an individual’s legal right to work in the UK in line with current UK Border Agency (UKBA) requirements. Documentation from all prospective candidates must be seen, validated and recorded on file to provide evidence that they are legally eligible to reside and work in the UK. If necessary our clients can obtain written assurances from the Newlands that appropriate checks have been carried out and photocopies of documentation have been retained on file.

4. Professional registration and qualification checks for Nursing staff

Newlands Healthcare Checks all prospective Nursing candidates are recognised by the Nursing and Midwifery council and that they have the right qualifications to do the job in line with the Professional Registration and Qualification Check Standard. For Nursing staff an active, clean NMC Pin is required as a minimum. Nursing staff possess a wide array of specific training such as catheterisation, wound dressing, stoma care etc. Training certificates are uploaded and input in to PeoplePlanner which will automatically remind us when it needs to be renewed. This is active compliance management.

 A client can if necessary seek written assurances from the agency that the appropriate checks have been carried out and that photocopies of any relevant documents evidencing qualifications and professional registration have been retained on file.

5. Employment history and reference checks

As a minimum, Newlands Healthcare seeks and verifies references covering at least three years of previous employment and/or training history for the candidate that registers with us. This is in accordance with the Employment History and Reference Check Standard. All reasonable effort is made to check that all referees are bona fide and references are genuine.

6. Occupational Health Checks

The introduction of the Equality Act from 1 October 2010 means that it is now illegal to ask prospective employees questions about their health prior to their appointment. Newlands Healthcare are however, permitted, as part of the process of registering an candidate with us, to ask the individual if they have any health conditions or disability, which may require adjustments under legislation and which might need to be considered when offering a placement. Newlands Healthcare Written assurances can be sought by the client to satisfy that the appropriate health screening checks have been carried out in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 by Newlands Healthcare.

Compliance Forms

Compliance forms are issued detailing all relevant information for nursing staff including the NMC Pin number which can be checked against the register as well as the details of any specific training that is required for a posting.