Time to get paid?

We would like to ensure that all our locums are paid promptly and encourage them to make themselves familiar with our timesheets and invoicing process.pound-sign

ALL correct time sheets and invoices will need to be received via email or fax 0872 111 4285 by 12 pm Tuesday in order to be processed for Friday’s payment.

To minimise any potential delay, please ensure that all of the stated guidelines are adhered to. This information does not form part of your contract and is subject to change without written notification.

Depending on your method of payment we require certain information as follows:

Umbrella Company

Registering with an Umbrella Company is simple, easy and will prove to be a great convenience. The Umbrella Company will become your employer and they will advise you of the options available in relation to claiming expenses.   As a locum, you can register with any Umbrella Company (as they adhere to UK tax regulations) and they will get in touch with Newlands on your behalf. If you would like further information regarding using an Umbrella Company, please do get in touch with the accounts team. 

Please ensure that your timesheet is sent to both Newlands Healthcare and the Umbrella Company.  The Umbrella Company will then provide us with an invoice to transfer gross funds. You will need to register with your chosen Umbrella Company before we can process your timesheets.  Please advise us of your chosen Umbrella Company by e-mailing and then leave the rest to us.

Limited Company

If you have chosen to operate your own Limited Company, along with your timesheet you will need to provide us with a Limited Company invoice and Newlands Healthcare will then transfer

funds to your Limited Company Bank Account.  Documents required in order to process your

payment through your Limited Company are as follows:

• Signed Contract for Services

• Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

• VAT Certificate (if applicable)

•Official Proof of Bank Details for your Limited Company (Copy of Business Bank Card or Cheque Book)

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact the Payroll Department on 01892 529 372 or e-mail to